Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why is my skin peeling???

a couple days after i went to the beach i got a little sunburned on my back. then my nose and forehead skin started peeling a tiny bit then it stopped after a couple days. then the skin on my shoulders started peeling. it doesnt hurt. skin skin where it peeled is now white compared to my tanned skin. why is this happening? once i got back to america it stopped. what can i do to keep it from peeling?
Why is my skin peeling???
Maybe you are losing a suntan.
Why is my skin peeling???
Just let it peal, it is dead skin that is why it is peeling. No reason to worry, your fine.
Reply:use lots of aloe vera or just regular sun tan lotion...that ought to do the trick, i always peel when i get burnt
Reply:The best way to keep from peeling is to not get burned. You burned the skin in those areas and it died. Use sun screen prior to getting in the sun and moisturizer after.
Reply:You need it to peel because that's the burnt skin that's trying to come off. It's unhealthy to keep it on your skin, let it flake off. In fact, try scraping it off with a pumice stone. If you let the skin stay on, then the mutated skin cells could metasize and skin cancer can be next. Just use aloe vera to help with the burn.
Reply:one word SUNSCREEN!
Reply:you need to wear sun block. Trust me, it's totally normal. The outside layer have been burned and our falling off for the new skin to come to the surface. It will go away eventually. But don't keep peeling your skin because if you keep peeling it it's going to leave a scar or it will start hurting reeally bad.
Reply:use a a aloevera lotion
Reply:next time you go sunbathing, apply more suncream! but all you can do now to help your skin is to apply lots of body-lotion, moisterizer etc. hope this helps :)
Reply:it is a symtome of a first degree burn (sunburn) the skin dries out and the outer layer which is already a dead layer forms another dry dead layr underneath. this causes the most outer dead layr to peel off. do not worry this is perfectly normal. to keep this from happening during the day when you are around people, use aloe. avoid rubbing it or messing with it.
Reply:because you got *burned* and your body is shedding the dead skin so it can heal.
Reply:The sun dried out your skin!

Lotion, lotion,lotion and you'll be fine. And smell good!
Reply:stay away from the sun, sweetie!! trust me
Reply:You have sunburn on your skin,It will start peeling when it die.

Don't worry, just rub your own urine on to the skin,you will get back beautiful skin soon.

Urine is a natural medicine been used for thousand of year.

2 weeks ago, I have a cut on my finger when I was in forest.I have no other medicine but just urine on my finger.Now it is recover without any scar

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